Right of admission reserved.

One month prior to tour / event entries are subject to availability at the lodges. 

One month prior to tour / event a cancelation admin fee of R500.00 per entry.

NO REFUNDS one month prior to tour / event as suppliers have been paid, sorry.

Participants to have own medical insurance & general insurance for themselves, their property and motorcycle (incl. Cross Border).

Open to all makes of road legal dual purpose / adventure motorcycles (600cc+), you do not need to own a BMW.

Participants are required to wear FULL protective riding gear including full face riding helmet, riding gloves, riding or ballistic jacket, riding trousers, hydro pack, Motocross / riding boots (No takkies / fashion boots will be allowed).

Vented and / or rain gear as weather dictates.

Arrive with a full tank of fuel. 

Participants to have ZAR cash for road taxes cross border.

REMEMBER your valid Passport where necessary.

Please make sure you are prepared for any emergencies that may arise especially punctures.

Please make sure you have sufficient allergy and / or scheduled chronic medication and take it as prescribed.


Border Crossing will be for your own account and is not included in your Tour / Event Fee.

You will need a six month valid passport.

Valid vehicle papers / license.

IF FINANCED – you will need a copy of your motorcycle registration paper, a letter from for your finance institution allowing you to cross a border and a letter from your insurer allowing you to cross a border.

IF NOT FINANCED – you will need your original motorcycle registration document and a letter from the insurer allowing you to cross a border.